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Workforce in Georgia

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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Workforce_in_Georgia.jpgThe Georgian workforce is highly educated and a high percentage of the population has completed tertiary education or secondary education. Workers who have no higher education skills have professional vocational education diplomas. 
The country has a large supply of workers with tertiary education and foreign investors who open companies that require skilled workers have a pool of employees to choose from.

Georgian employees

The most important business sectors in Georgia and also those that present the most opportunities for employment are the industrial and the trade sectors. Agricultural production has also increased and this business sector, together with tourism and construction, are some of the fastest growing business sectors in Georgia.
Georgian employees work mostly in the aforementioned sectors, but other areas also demand a large number of national employees. Some of the business sectors that attract high levels of foreign direct investments in Georgia are considered low labor-intensive, like finance and communication, and workers in these areas need to be highly qualified in order to comply with the business requirements.
Georgia has a number of important universities, the most notable being the Tbilisi State University, the Tbilisi State Medical University and the Georgian Technical University. An important number of students enrol in these universities every year.
Our company formation agents in Georgia can give you detailed information if you want to know the most attractive business sectors in Georgia. 

Hiring employees in Georgia 

Foreign investors who open a company in Georgia and want to hire employees need to comply with the existing labour laws. Employment agreements in Georgia are executed in writing, although they can be agreed upon verbally during the first phase of the negotiations.
Part-time and probation period employment is possible in Georgia and there are several other types of employment contracts that can be concluded between the employer and the employee. The amount of working hours, as well as maternity leaves and holidays, are established by law.
If you want to know more about the workforce in Georgia and you are interested in hiring employees there, our Georgian company formation agents are ready to answer any questions.

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