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The Minimum Share Capital for Opening a Company in Georgia

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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The-Minimum-Share-Capital-for-Opening-a-Company-in-Georgia.jpgGeorgia offers many benefits for foreign investors, including very advantageous requirements for the minimum share capital for opening a company. The types of companies that can be incorporated in the country are suited for all types of businesses and the choice depends on the business plans and desire to expand the company in the future.
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Requirements for a minimum share capital in Georgia

The limited liability company in Georgia has no requirements for a minimum share capital. The founders can each bring their own contributions. The authorized capital of the Georgian limited liability company can have any amount. This is the most frequently used type of company in Georgia.
The joint stock company is another business form in Georgia that does not require minimum share capital. However, in this case the authorized capital is divided into shares. The founders can decide upon the minimum nominal value of the authorized capital.
The capital of a company is defined as that institution’s monetary fund, the net worth and possession. The subscribed share capital represents the amount considered necessary to establish an institution. It is described in that company’s bylaws. 

Investing in Georgia 

These relaxed provisions regarding the minimum share capital are just one of the advantages for foreign investors in the country. Georgia also has a competitive tax system. The country also has an extensive tax double tax treaty network.
Investors who want to open a company in Georgia need to submit several documents to the National Agency of Public Register of Georgia. The Articles of Association are mandatory and they include the most important information about the company: name, legal form, address, main activity and identification details for its founders. Another legal entity can be a founder or a partner.
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