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Obtaining a Work Permit in Georgia

Updated on Friday 26th October 2018

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Foreigners who want to work in this country can do so, but for this it is necessary to apply for a work permit in Georgia. A foreign person can also perform work activities in Georgia if he or she possesses a visa, which is a document that is obtained following an application, but it is important to know that the citizens of certain states have the right of entering the country without obtaining a visa. Our team of specialists in company formation in Georgia can assist foreigners with advice on this matter. 

Visa for working in Georgia

Georgia adopted a new visa policy in 2014. Individuals who want to work in the country are required to apply for a  long-term visa, which will allow them to obtain a residence permit in Georgia. The long-term visa obtained by the foreigners can also be used as a work permit when searching to enter the Georgian workforce. It is necessary to know that the issuance of a short-term visa, such as tourist visa, can’t be used for employment in this country, as stated by the local legislation. 
As mentioned above, the citizens of certain countries are exempt from obtaining a visa in order to enter Georgia. However, even in this case, such citizens may only stay in the country for a period of one year. This regulation is applicable to all citizens who are nationals of one of the European Union’s member states and to citizens belonging to other 64 states. As stated by the Georgian legislation, the regulation is also available for persons who have obtained the refugee status in Georgia; it is also applicable to those who are holders of diplomatic passports from China, Egypt, Peru or Uruguay.

Visa application in Georgia

A foreigner who wants to invest or open a company in Georgia and to work on the local market will need to receive an ordinary visa, by obtaining a document issued by the Public Service Hall or by applying at the embassy or consulate in the country of origin. In order to obtain an ordinary visa, it is necessary to provide, as an applicant, the following documents: a valid passport, a visa application form, one photo and the payment receipt for the state duty tax. Other relevant matters are: 
  • additional documents might be needed, such as further documents that can prove identity, documents proving one’s financial means and purpose of stay in the country;
  • the fee for obtaining a visa in Georgia is GEL 100 and the application form may be filed in Georgian or English, as both languages are accepted; 
  • foreigners can also use the language of the country where the application is submitted, at the Georgian embassy or consulate;
  • since the day in which the application was completed, the applicant can obtain an answer on the matter in period of seven days.

How can an investor obtain a work residence permit? 

In the case of foreign businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Georgia it can be useful to apply for a work residence permit. This type of permit can be employed by both those who want to set up a startup business in this country, but it can also be used by persons who want to start a freelance activity here.  
The requirements imposed in this sense are easily achievable, as the applicants have to prove that they have a sufficient amount of money in their bank account (USD 1,700). This type of permit is issued for a period of six months or one year, but the owners of the permit can also apply for an extension which can be increased up to 5 years and our team of specialists in company formation in Georgia may further advise on this aspect.  
It is important to know that this type of work permit allows foreigners to apply for a residence permit, after a period of 6 years since they have obtained the permit. More importantly, the permit can also be used for applying for permanent residency in Georgia, once the holders of the permit have lived for at least 6 years in the country, but they will also need to maintain their business activity. 
Our Georgian company formation agents can give you further information about the Employment Law in the country and your rights as a foreign employee. You can contact our team of specialists in company registration in Georgia, if you have further questions regarding the issuance of a work permit.  



  • Williams Chinwendu Nna 2016-09-27

    I want a working permit visa for Georgia, what are the requirements and where will i make my submission in Nigeria.

    Hello, you can send us your request via e-mail at office@bridgewest.eu and one of our lawyers will answer you. 

  • Hari 2017-01-23

    I need working visa.

  • Arjan Kumar 2017-02-23

    Hi sir/madam, I want work visa in your country. Thank you.

  • Prince Adjei Okyere 2017-04-02

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  • Md Khalil Ullah 2017-07-05

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  • Hossam Ebrahim 2017-07-15

    I'm a civil engineer from Egypt, I have a BSC level performed from Eign Shams University in Egypt-1994 , I'm 46 years old. I found a job opportunity in Georgia. How can I obtain a work permit in this country and what is the documents and fees needed?

  • Hapijul Khan 2017-08-18

    Sir, I am from India, but I'm still working in Qatar until 18 this month, so I want to work in Georgia, and my occupation is cook. 

  • Pasindu Malshan 2017-10-02

    Sir, I am from Sri Lanka and I want to work in Georgia; my occupation is event manager.

  • Mynul Islam 2017-11-27

    Hi, I'm Bangladeshi. I work in Kuwait as a graphic designer. This time I'm interested to work in Georgia, so how can I proceed with my visa?

  • Golam Rabbani 2017-12-01

    I need a work visa.

  • Stanley Chinedu 2018-01-28

    I am from Nigeria, how long can I stay in Georgia before a lasting paper can be issued to me as Georgia is one of the visa free countries with our passport?

  • Methon Joynal Abedin 2018-02-16

    Respected sir, I am a Bangladeshi passport holder. Now I am working in UAE as an Archives Clerk for 10 years. I am interested to do work in Georgia. I want a work permit visa for Georgia, what are the requirements and where will I make my submission?

  • Md Solaman 2018-03-02

    Dear sir, I'm Solaman from Bangladesh, now I stay in Malaysia, I want to work in Georgia, how can I get Georgia work permit visa? Please let me know details. 

  • Rajesh 2018-03-06

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  • Carlos 2018-10-26

    Hello, I would like to find out if there are any exemptions on this matter for the citizens of Mexico.

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