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Taxation in Georgia

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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Taxation-in-Georgia.jpgTaxation in Georgia is one of the most advantageous in the Caucasus region. The country has low tax rates, few applicable taxes for companies and individuals and special favorable tax regimes for certain foreign investments.
The tax and customs legislation is included in the Tax Code and the supervisory authority for tax collection is the Georgia Revenue Service. If you are interested in company formation in Georgia, our experts can help you comply with the tax requirements.

Taxes in Georgia

Taxation in Georgia is territorial: only income received from Georgia sources is taxed. Georgian companies are taxed on their profit produced in the country. The taxes imposed in Georgia are:
- the corporate profit tax of 15%;
- the value added tax of 18%
- the personal income tax: 20%
- the import tax: with differentiated values of 0%, 5% or 12%;
- the property tax: up to 1%.
A tax rate of 5% applies for dividends and interest. The property tax is levied on a local level while all other taxes are national. Georgia does not impose a payroll tax, social security contributions, capital gains, wealth or insurance tax.
Individuals in Georgia are subject to the personal income tax levied on their Georgian-source income. An individual is a tax resident in Georgia is he or she spends more than 183 days in the country during a 12 month period.
Foreign investors in Georgia benefit from an extensive double tax treaty network signed with more than 47 countries. The Free Industrial Zones in Georgia have special tax rates and benefits for enterprises that operate within the designated areas.
Our company registration agents in Georgia can help you with detailed information about taxes, according to the type of company and business you perform.

Tax compliance in Georgia

Any company in Georgia must be registered with the National Agency of Public Register of Georgia. After registration, a tax number is assigned to the legal entity. Tax returns in Georgia have due dates according to the type of tax. Taxpayers can request an extension of the deadline for submitting the returns. Fines can apply for late payments.
For more information about taxes and tax compliance you can contact our company formation agents in Georgia


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