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Public Registry in Georgia

Updated on Thursday 10th October 2019

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The National Agency of the Public Registry (or the Georgian Public Registry) falls under the supervision on the Ministry of Justice. The institution was set up under the Law of Georgia on State Registry, which was adopted in this country on 1st of June 2004.

The Public Registry is responsible for the registration functions and tax services (front office), official property registrations, taxes on property, movable and immovable property, entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs (non-commercial) legal persons, geodesy and cartography. The main ideas sit on the foundation of a centralized registration system; the Registry performs a coordinated activity with customers and partners. 

Investors can request more information on the procedures that have to be followed when registering with the National Agency of the Public Registry (NAPR) from our team of specialists in Georgian company formation; our consultants can provide step-to-step advice in matters concerning the registration of a local business, but they can also assist on the formalities of registering a property with the institution. 


What is the basic data one should know on the Georgian NAPR? 

The National Agency of the Public Registry (NAPR) represents a government agency, which, in Georgian, is named Sajaro Reestris Erovnuli Saagento. The agency is located in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, and, besides the above mentioned responsibilities, the institution in is charge with matters such as: satellite imagery, aerial photography or thematic mapping. Other basic data regarding this institution is presented below: 
  • the National Agency of the Public Registry in Georgia was set up in 2004;
  • the Georgian NAPR has a staff that is formed of 1,370 persons;
  • the annual budget the institution receives is EUR 10.2 million;
  • in 2017, it implemented a reform on land registrations, which had a positive effect on the number of properties registered with the institution;
  • up until 2017, the institution had more than 400,000 land plots registered in its database;
  • at the level of 2017, the institution had 783 dispute cases regarding local properties that were resolved through mediation. 

How can a company be registered in Georgia?

Every legal entity must be registered with the National Agency of the Public Registry. The registration is made based on the company’s charter or the shareholders’ agreement (where are stipulated the company’s way of management and organization). The charter must only be presented at the Public Registry. After recording it, the Agency will return it to the company.

Foreign companies must also be registered, based on legalized, translated and notarized documents. Along with the company’s charter or shareholders’ agreement, the company must also present the proof of payment of the registration fee. The legal entities that must register with the National Agency of the Public Registry are the following: joint stock companies, limited liability companies, general partnerships, limited partnerships, cooperatives and individual entrepreneurs; our team of consultants in company registration in Georgia can provide more details on the documents and fees required for each company type. 


Documents to be submitted with the NAPR when opening a Georgian company

In the above section, we have added a short presentation on the basic documents an investor should submit with the NAPR when opening a company in Georgia. However, the list of documents and procedures that have to be followed is more complex, depending on the type of company selected for registration. Below, we present some of the basic steps that have to be concluded when opening a Georgian limited liability company, which is a common way to start a business here:
  • investors must pay a fee of GEL 100 or GEL 200 (for the standard or expedited registration procedures) with the NAPR;
  • the company has to be registered with the Entrepreneurial Register, a procedure which is done through the NAPR;
  • the company must obtain an identification number and a certificate of state and tax registration;
  • the company must also register for value added tax and for these procedures, specific documents have to be submitted;
  • investors must prepare a certified application for registration and a certified memorandum of association; 
  • it is also necessary to add to the file the certified consent of the owner of the premises where the business carries its operations, which states that the premises can be used as the company’s official business address.
Besides these, the NAPR expects investors to offer additional information; the full list of the information that must be disclosed with the institution can be presented by our team of consultants in company registration in Georgia. However, it is necessary to find out that businessmen have to provide additional contact information (e-mail address and a separate address, different from the one where the company develops its activities).  
One of the aspects that have to be completed during the procedure of company formation in Georgia is to set up a corporate bank account. According to the Georgian legislation, investors can deal with this procedure during the registration of the company with the NAPR

Can foreigners access the data stored by the NAPR in Georgia? 

One of the legal matters that are handled through the NAPR is the registration of a property. Most of the data stored by the institution is available for the general public, but such information is limited only to specific aspects. Starting with 2015, the institution allows foreigners to verify various information on the Georgian properties; our team of specialists in company registration in Georgia can assist with more information on the procedures for purchasing or renting real estate properties in this country. 
This was a direct consequence of the fact that the NAPR became part of the European Land Information Services Association (EULIS). The latter represents an organization that offers reliable information on the European properties, but only to its subscribed customers, which are represented by entities such as banks, lawyers, real estate agents and others.  

How to check information from the Public Registry of Georgia?

The information registered in the National Agency of the Public Registry of Georgia may be checked online, through the Public Service Hall. The information may be requested on the basis of a standard application (filled in front of the officer) and an ID copy. Also a fee payment is requested. This fee depends on the number of days allowed to release the information. Usually the longest term is four days.

The information regarding the registration of the companies is public, but in certain cases, specific information is considered confidential, such as the state secrets or personal information considered confidential by the Georgian legislation. Foreign investors who want more information about the Public Registry may contact our company formation agents in Georgia.

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