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Holding Company in Georgia

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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Holding_Company_in_Georgia.jpgGeorgia is an attractive country for foreign investors and one investment option entrepreneurs have in this country is to open a holding company. This type of company offers a number of advantages when compared to a limited liability company, for example. The holding company will allow its founder to purchase equity ownership in other companies. Although the company will not produce any goods or services itself, it offers the possibility to operate with a number of companies and obtain financial advantages and profits. 
Our company formation agents in Georgia can give you detailed information about all the steps required for opening a holding company in Georgia and all the legal requirements this type of company needs to fulfill. 

Opening a holding company in Georgia 

The representatives of a holding company can target a number of business areas that are profitable and decide where to invest and focus their activities. The owners of this type of company can find a number of profitable small companies in Georgia and then purchase stocks in those companies. The amount of ownership in other companies will also determine the voting right the holding company has. Because they are able to control the activities of the owned companies to a high extent, holding companies can also be called parent companies.
A holding company is registered like any other legal entity in Georgia and can hire employees. Our Georgian company formation agents can give you personalized advice regarding the most suitable type of company, according to your business plans.

Other information about holding companies

Georgian holding companies can own tangible or intangible assets. The last category includes land, properties or copyrights. Holding companies are usually incorporated by experienced entrepreneurs who want to manage the activities of other companies with the purpose of making profit.
Holding companies are not to be mistaken for trust companies. The latter are companies that manage assets and are appointed specifically for this task. Our company incorporation agents in Georgia can tell you more about the differences between these types of companies and the relationship between the company ownership and voting rights.
If you are interested in investing in Georgia and opening a holding company, please contact our company formation agents in Tbilisi. 

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