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Obtaining Construction Permits in Georgia

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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Obtaining-Construction-Permits-in-Georgia.jpgIf you are a foreign investor seeking to open a business in Georgia, you should know that the main economy of the country is represented by agriculture. Georgia is an important producer of tea, citric fruits and vines. Our company formation specialists can provide you with relevant information about the business environment in Georgia, including on how you can obtain a construction permit, if your business will require a construction site

Documents necessary for obtaining a construction permit

Any individual or company interested in obtaining a construction permit in Georgia will have to present the following documents:
information about the land on which the construction will be built;
information about the owner of the land;
the purpose of the building;
technical specifications about the building;
topographic information on the land;
architectural project;
structural layout;
a detailed presentation of the foundation and internal features of the building
The list was established by the Georgian Government under the Rules of Issuing Construction Permits, enforced in 2009. 

 Fees applicable for obtaining the permit in Georgia 

If you are interested in company formation in Georgia and you also need a construction site for your business, you should know that, at the moment, the taxes vary between GEL 1,000 (Georgian Lari) and GEL 24,000, according to the size of the construction site and to its value. To some taxes the Georgian legislation applies a percentage of the value of the building; our company formation specialists can provide you with further details on this subject. 

Procedures to obtaining a construction permit in Georgia

Certain procedures have to be applied so that a building site could receive a construction permit. Georgian legislation imposes the next steps:
obtaining terms of construction from an architecture institution;
receiving an inspection on the construction site from the Georgian authorities;
request and receive connection to the city’s water supply system;
register the building at the National Public Registry
If you need assistance in obtaining a construction permit for your business, please contact our Georgian company formation agents, who can provide you support in this matter. 

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