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Power of Attorney in Georgia

Updated on Tuesday 17th April 2018

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Power-of-Attorney-in-Georgia.pngThe power of attorney is a legal document that can be used by natural persons or legal entities, through which they can employ a certain person to represent them in various matters. Our team of lawyers in Georgia can conclude any legal aspect on behalf of persons who are not able at a particular moment to handle the respective procedure, due to various reasons (one of the most common being the fact that the person or the representative of a legal entity is not in the country at the moment when the matter has to be concluded).

Types of power of attorney in Georgia 

The power of attorney in Georgia can be concluded for a specific legal matter and in this case it is necessary to sign a special power of attorney. However, any party can grant the right of legal representation for a wide category of legal procedures through the general power of attorney, which will testify that a specific entity is entitled to conclude numerous procedures on behalf of another person
This can be the case of those who want to open a company in Georgia, and who can be represented by our team of Georgian lawyers in all the procedures concerning the registration of the business form and with the local tax authorities or obtaining special permits and licenses that can be requested for a wide category of business activities. 

Online notary services in Georgia  

As mentioned by the National Chamber of Georgia, any person can obtain the power of attorney by accessing online notary services. Georgia is the single jurisdiction at a worldwide level where notary services can be performed through online services
This type of services can also be requested by persons who have received a temporary residence permit on the Georgian territory. The online notary services can be concluded by only two parties: the party requesting a specific notary document and another person, who has the status of witness
As prescribed by the Georgian legislation, natural persons can conclude via internet a wide set of legal documents, such as:
any type of consent;
any type of declaration
the power of attorney
Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Georgia for in-depth assistance on the main requirements for signing the power of attorney in this country. 


  • Anton 2018-04-16

    Interesting! I would like to know how to receive notary services through online portals. Thank you!

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