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Civil Law in Georgia

Updated on Tuesday 10th April 2018

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Civil-Law-in-Georgia.pngCivil legislation in Georgia is given by the Civil Code, which provides general provisions regarding the scope of this law, the manner in which the provisions of the Code may enter into force, as well as regulations regarding natural persons living in Georgia. Also, the Civil Code prescribes the general definition concerning legal entities registered in Georgia, on matters related to the legal capacity of such entities and the domicile of the company
The legislation also provides the legal framework concerning the registration of a foundation and our team of lawyers in Georgia can advise on these regulations. Investors and natural persons can receive professional assistance on the above mentioned aspects, as well as information on the property legislation prescribed under the Georgian Civil Code

Georgian regulations concerning natural persons 

Chapter One of the Georgian Civil Code prescribes definitions regarding the legal understanding of the term “natural person”. According to the Article 11.1, a person in Georgia will obtain civil rights prescribed by the Georgian legislation at the moment of birth, and he or she can’t be deprived of such rights during his or her lifetime. Article 12 offers the legal framework concerning the legal capacity of a natural person, who may obtain his or her full rights (and exercise them) at the age of majority which, in Georgia, is attained at the age of 18 years

Civil Code regulations in Georgia for legal entities 

Local and foreign businessmen who want to open a company in Georgia may set up a legal entity in this country under the Article 24 of the Civil Code, which states that a legal person is set up with the purpose of accomplishing a certain objective. The company’s objectives have to be stated in the statutory documents and the respective legal entity may engage only in the activities that are prescribed in the respective documents (Article 25). Our team of consultants in company registration in Georgia may provide further information on the articles of association and memorandum of a legal entity incorporated here. 
A legal entity in Georgia can have only one domicile and, if other business addresses are available, they will be considered the domicile of the company’s branch offices
Natural persons and legal entities are invited to contact our law firm in Georgia for legal advice on the Georgian Civil Code.  


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