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EU Offers Financial Assistance to Develop the Georgian Agriculture


In 2015, as well as in 2016, the Georgian government developed several investment projects, set out to develop the local economy, by attracting the local and foreign businessmen who are willing to invest in this market. Another investment policy recently announced by the Georgian government refers to the development of the agriculture, which will be sustained by a substantial financial aid offered by the European Union (EU). Investors interested in the field of agriculture can request more details on this new project from our team of Georgian company formation representatives. 

Improvements on the Georgian Environmental Law


Foreign businessmen who are seeking for new locations where they can set up a company or an investment project can take into consideration Georgia, as the local authorities have started in the last few years several development projects, created to increase the value of a specific field, while imposing a favourable legal system attractive to foreign entrepreneurs. Another good aspect of the governmental policies carried in Georgia refers to the Environmental Law, which marked significant positive changes. Our team of Georgian company formation representatives can offer a presentation on new regulations.