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Georgia: The Next Energy Supplier for Europe?


Recent studies performed by an independent US oil and gas exploration company confirm that Georgia has an extensive gas resource potential, much more significant than previously thought by experts. The geologic and geophysical studies now back-up the country’s huge potential for foreign investment, especially in the natural gas sector. An oil and gas company in Georgia will need special permits for functioning but if you want to invest in this area, our company registration experts in Georgia can help you.

Opportunities for Investments in Agriculture in Georgia According to Areas


Georgia is known for its high potential for investments in agriculture. While the country has the right conditions for growing various types of produce, some areas in the country are more favorable for certain types of foodstuffs. By choosing the right area for investments, you can maximize your success and the overall production output.

Top Products Exported by Georgia


Georgia is an important trade partner for many neighboring countries. The country’s investments friendly policy has brought many foreign investors in the country interested in opening trade businesses. Hazelnuts, mineral water, ferroalloys are just some of the top products exported from the country. Our company registration experts in Georgia can help you invest in export and import businesses and start your own Georgian company.