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China, an Important Trading Partner for Georgia

Written by: Bridgewest

China-an-Important-Trading-Partner-for-Georgia.jpgThe Georgian business environment was revitalised by the local authorities, who have accessed international investment funds applicable to various economic fields. The country developed its business relationships with its neighbours, but also with farther jurisdictions, such as China. The state is, at the moment, one of the main trading partners of Georgia and foreign investors who are interested in trading goods or services on the local market can receive assistance from our team of Georgian company incorporation representatives

China – Georgia trading relationships 

Chinese investors who want to establish a company in Georgia are welcomed on this market, as the relations between the two states are becoming more and more important. Chinese businessmen are interested in investing on the Georgian market, which has improved its investment incentives
Because the trading level between the two states is gradually increasing, the Chinese and Georgian representatives met in China to establish the Trading and Investment Council
The meeting between the representatives of the states started at the China - Georgian Investment Forum, where the Georgian Minister of Economy provided a $7 billion investment portfolio containing various investment projects, available for Chinese investors.
It is important to know that, according to the data provided by the Minister of Economy, Chinese companies have already invested in Georgia in sectors such as: 
energy sector;
banking sector. 
For Georgia, China represents the fourth largest trade partner. At the same time, China is the second largest partner when referring to exports, as the Chinese market purchases 9% of the Georgian exports; our team of Georgian company formation agents can offer more details on the trading activities available here. 


Investment projects between China and Georgia 

One of the most important projects between the two states, Free Trade, began in 2015. The Trading and Investment Council will aim at exchanging information on the Chinese and Georgian investors and businesses. Another important project for the two states is the “One Belt, One Road”, which refers at the development project that will rebuilt the historic Silk Road
Businessmen interested in receiving more details on the China – Georgia investment projects can address to our team of Georgian company incorporation consultants


  • Donna 2016-08-18

    China and Georgia have several trading projects which will have very good results on both economies.

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