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Improvements on the Georgian Environmental Law

Written by: Bridgewest

Improvements-on-the-Georgian-Environmental-Law.pngForeign businessmen who are seeking for new locations where they can set up a company or an investment project can take into consideration Georgia, as the local authorities have started in the last few years several development projects, created to increase the value of a specific field, while imposing a favourable legal system attractive to foreign entrepreneurs. Another good aspect of the governmental policies carried in Georgia refers to the Environmental Law, which marked significant positive changes. Our team of Georgian company formation representatives can offer a presentation on new regulations. 

The main stipulations of the Georgian Environmental Law 

Foreign investors who want to open a company in Georgia should observe the new regulations of the Environmental Law, which are also applicable to businesses operating on the local market. Aside from the protection of the natural environment, the law stipulates a rational use of resources and the maintenance of the environment from an ecological and economical point of view.
All persons living in Georgia are required to respect the provisions of the law, which are enforced by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection; our team of Georgian company incorporation agents can offer more details on the attributions of the Ministry

The Georgian environmental permit 

Local and foreign corporate bodies operating on the Georgian market are required to obtain an environmental permit, issued by the above mentioned ministry. 
This type of permit is issued in accordance with the business activities carried out by the companies. As a general rule, the environmental permit is necessary for the following types of activities: 
oil rigs operations;
construction and operation of power plants;
construction and operation of chemical factories;
exploitation of natural gas;
construction of roads/railways. 
It is important to know that the companies performing these types of business activities are required by law to obtain the permit and, in the situation in which the companies do not meet the legal requirements, they will not be allowed to start their operations. 
Persons who need further details on the Environmental law in Georgia and the issuance of the environmental permits can address to our team of Georgian company formation consultants