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Investment Opportunities in the Georgian Energy Sector

Written by: Bridgewest

Investment-Opportunities-in-the-Georgian-Energy-Sector.jpgGeorgia represents an important business market for foreign investors, as the local authorities started several years ago important investment projects, carried out in many economic sectors. The energy sector provides significant business opportunities, as the energy consumption increased in the last decade, both in Georgia and in the neighboring states. It is estimated that, at the moment, the energy potential of the country is used only in a proportion of 25%. Investors interested in this sector can receive an in-depth presentation on the matter from our team of Georgian company formation specialists

Georgian energy sector in 2015 

The Georgian energy sector has the potential to further develop in the following sub-domains: 
hydropower energy;
wind energy;
solar energy;
geothermal energy;
biomass energy. 
Investors who want to open a company in the field of energy in Georgia should know that the country is involved at the moment in the construction of 17 hydropower plants
In 2015, the total level of the electricity created in Georgia reached a value of 10.8 TWh; 78% of the total value was created by hydropower plants
An important aspect related to this economic field is that the market was liberalized in 2008. Local and foreign investors are allowed to negotiate the prices and to choose the markets they are interested in. The rule is applicable for businesses which invest in renewable energy sources. For such businesses and for those exporting renewable energy, the Georgian government does not impose Value Added Tax (VAT); our team of Georgian company formation representatives can offer more information. 

Grid infrastructure in Georgia 

The Georgian authorities do not impose any fees or taxes for the power plant’s connection to the transmission grid infrastructure. The grid infrastructure in Georgia has over 3,000 kilometers of voltage lines (comprised of high, medium and low voltages). 
In 2015, the government approved a plan for the development of the grid, creating better infrastructure in this sense. 
Persons who are interested to receive more information on the Georgian energy sector can contact our team company formation agents, who can provide consultation on the business opportunities available in the field.