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Georgian Tea Industry, Revived Through Government Policies

Written by: Bridgewest

Georgian-Tea-Industry-Revived-Through-Government-Policies.jpgGeorgian tea industry will be revived soon with the help of governmental policies which aim to develop  one of the most representative sectors for the local economy. Foreign investors who want to establish a company in Georgia in the trade or agriculture field should know that the local government enacted several incentives for entrepreneurs who want to invest in the tea industry; our Georgian company formation specialists can offer you more information on this subject. 

Investing in tea industry in Georgia 

The Georgian government announced since last year the intention to revive the tea industry; the rehabilitation procedure for this industry, which is currently carried out, is done under the program “Georgian Tea”. 
A representative of the Agricultural Projects Management Agency explained that the purpose of the program is to address to business investors, who can develop this industry. 
One of the most important provisions for foreign investors is that the government allows businessmen to invest their financial assets in the tea field by offering a lease agreement issued for a period of 25 years, at the price of GEL 50 on state-owned tea plantations
At the beginning of 2016, the Georgian government allocated from the State Budget GEL 3.5 million for the first stage of the project, a sum of money which will be used to rehabilitate two thousand hectares of tea plantations. The rehabilitation will be completed in maximum three years, depending on the state of the tea plantations, but positive projections are showing that the tea fields can be revived in one year; our company formation specialists can provide you with further information on this matter. 

Georgian tea industry 

Foreign investors who are interested in opening a company in this field should know that Georgia has a long tradition in harvesting tea. Due to its climate, Georgia managed to become one of the most important tea producers in the Northern region.
The most important exporting partners of Georgia in this sense are: Mongolia, Turkey, Germany, Russia and Kazakhstan. 
If you need further information on the tea industry in Georgia, please contact our Georgian company formation specialists, who can offer you consultations on the subject.