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Georgia, Ranked Fourth for the Ease of Doing Business

Written by: Bridgewest

Georgia-Ranked-Fourth-for-the-Ease-of-Doing-Business.jpgInvestors who want to expand their business activities in a foreign country should take into consideration that Georgia became one of the most attractive business location in the European and Central Asian region. World Bank Group (WBG) has recently presented the “Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency” report, in which Georgia ranked as the 4th economy in the European and Central Asian region in terms of ease of doing business. If you are interested in the business environment in Georgia, our Georgian company formation specialists can provide you with an in-depth presentation on this matter. 

Ease of doing business in Georgia 

The WBG report has revealed that Georgia is ranked as the 24th economy in the world in terms of doing business, in a study that has included 189 countries. The study analyses the last 12 years experienced by Georgia in terms of doing business, revealing that the state had the best results in this matter; the output per capita increased by 66% in this period and the density of businesses in Georgia tripled
The report states that the main reasons for these remarkable results are the government’s reforms aimed at the entrepreneurs’ access on the local business market. Georgia implemented several reforms which improved the process of doing businesses here. The local authorities have implemented a digital filing system and simplified the process of issuing the construction permit. 

Georgia in the WBG report 

The report presented by WBG report established the ease of doing business based upon 10 factors, for which Georgia receive the following scores: 
starting a business – Georgia ranked on the 3 place (out of 189 economies);
dealing with construction permits – 2nd place;
getting electricity - 6th place;
registering property – 2nd place;
getting credit- 1st place;
protecting minority investors- 4th place;
paying taxes – 7th place;
trading across border -18th place;
enforcing contracts -5th place;
resolving insolvency – 19th place.
If you need further information on the ease of doing business in Georgia, please contact our Georgian company formation specialists


  • John 2016-02-09

    It is good to know that Georgian authorities have created measures to sustain the local business environment. As it turns out, over the years, the measure have had a positive impact.

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