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Winter Tourism, an Attractive Opportunity for Foreign Investors

Written by: Bridgewest

Winter-Tourism-an-Attractive-Opportunity-for-Foreign-Investors.jpgWinter tourism in Georgia has an immense potential for development and for producing important revenues. This is partly due to the country’s beautiful landscape and partly due to the fact the winder holiday packages are more costly than those offered during the summertime. Georgia has a number of mountain resorts that can benefit from foreign investments in order to become more renewed. 

Attracting tourists in Georgia

Winter tourism in Georgia is very profitable when considering the packages offered for foreign tourists. Those who come to ski in the country often choose Georgia as an alternative to the more expensive resorts in the Alps. But travel agency operators are still making important profits in Georgia even if the costs are not aligned with those in other popular winter destinations. During the winter, the estimated costs for a two week vacation will equal those of a month (or more) vacation in Georgia.
Tourism in Georgia ca be easily improved by making the right investments in infrastructure. Economy specialists believe that it is the consumption that counts, not the actual number of foreigners transiting the country. If foreign tourists like what they are offered in Georgia, they will spend more and the tourism sector will be more profitable. This is the reason why, experts believe, it is very important to invest in good infrastructure and attractive options for tourists. 

Popular winter resorts in Georgia 

The winter season in Georgia starts in December for many resorts. The Goderdzi winter resort has announced that it will open its gates on December 5th. It will be followed by other resorts like Gudauri and Bakuriani who will open starting with December 13th. 
Georgia is able to provide the winter sports enthusiast with a variety of activities. The slopes in Goderdzi amount to some 8 km of slopes with various difficulty levels. The mountains are covered with snow for approximately 5 months and the resorts welcome their visitor with various accommodation options.
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