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Top Products Exported by Georgia

Written by: Bridgewest

Top-Products-Exported-by-Georgia.jpgGeorgia is an important trade partner for many neighboring countries. The country’s investments friendly policy has brought many foreign investors in the country interested in opening trade businesses. Hazelnuts, mineral water, ferroalloys are just some of the top products exported from the country. Our company registration experts in Georgia can help you invest in export and import businesses and start your own Georgian company.

Georgia’s exports

Georgia is an important and successful exporter. The range of products includes mainly agricultural produce or foodstuffs but other items like vehicles or metals are also distributed to other countries. The National Statistics Office of Georgia recently published the data available for the last five years of trade. As the numbers indicate, the total trade value increased year on year. In 2011 the export index was 2.186 billion US dollars and in 2014 is reached 2.860 billion US dollars. The value of Georgian exports for the first half of 2015 (January-July) was 1.268 billion $. 
Georgia’s most important trade partners in 2015 and in the last five years are Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine. One type of product that has seen a significant increase in demand, also in countries like the United States, is ferroalloy. 

Opportunities for development

Wine, hazelnuts, mineral water and, more recently, honey are types of exported products for which Georgia has a small export share but which have a very high demand on the foreign market. Investments in agriculture for these products and many others are a good option for foreign investments in the country. 
The demand for these foodstuffs is high because neighboring countries have a deficit. Mineral water is a very good example: production for mineral water could be increased with investments in key areas in the industry, especially in the technology used for manufacturing this product. 
The top 8 products exported by Georgia are: ores and copper concentrate, ferroalloy, cars, pharmaceuticals, hazelnuts and other nuts, mineral fertilizer, mineral water and wine.
Our company registration experts in Georgia can give you detailed information about these opportunities for investments. We can help you open and run a business in the country.


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