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Opportunities for Investments in Agriculture in Georgia According to Areas

Written by: Bridgewest

Opportunities-for-Investments-in-Agriculture-in-Georgia-According-to-Areas.jpgGeorgia is known for its high potential for investments in agriculture. While the country has the right conditions for growing various types of produce, some areas in the country are more favorable for certain types of foodstuffs. By choosing the right area for investments, you can maximize your success and the overall production output.

The region and its associated product

There are many types of fruits and vegetable that can be successfully grown in Georgia. Each region of the country has its own particularities regarding climate and soil and this needs to be taken into consideration when deciding to invest in agriculture. For example, apples are best grown in the Shida Kartli region while grapes and peaches grow in the Kakheti region – traditional for wine-making. Hazelnuts are mainly produced in Guria but can also be cultivated in other regions like Imereti.
The list of agricultural products in Georgia also includes cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions or cherries. Diary and meat production is also important and it is mainly practiced in areas like Imereti or Kakheti. The western Samegrelo region is known not only for vegetable production but also for cultivating tea.
Assessing the true potential for agricultural investments in a certain area in the country can prove beneficial for the producer, especially since the list of products of Georgian origin is so diverse.

Investments in agriculture

Agriculture diversity is what makes the country a traditional agricultural one. Georgia is known for its wine production and has recently started to impose itself as a producer and exporter of other goods, like honey or hazelnuts. Food as well as beverage products are well recognized in countries across Europe and beyond.
The country has valuable natural resources that help sustain production of various goods but the Georgia government also makes its contribution for encouraging investments in this business field. Foreign investors in Georgia can benefit from certain programs implemented in the country that offer access to finance and support agricultural development.
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