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Touristic Potential in Lesser Known Places in Georgia

Written by: Bridgewest

Touristic-Potential-in-Lesser-Known-Places-in-Georgia.jpgGeorgia is a beautiful country with huge touristic potential yet tourism in this country oscillates between the very know places and less popular but more spectacular sites. Foreign investors can take advantage of these touristic pearls and invest in Georgia’s tourism.

Georgia’s unknown natural potential

The Shida Kartli region is a lesser explored region and one that is home to the Bateti Lake – a smaller version of the Ritsa Lake – a popular touristic destination in Georgia. This “cousin lake” retains all the beauty of a lake surrounded by forest, yet only the most curious tourists venture out here, and of course the locals who know about this spot. Levani Lake is another natural jewel, only that it offers a completely different scenery: at 2,000 meters above sea level, the landscape here is a bit more arid and volcanic but beautiful nonetheless. 
Extreme sports lovers will find that Georgia has a lot to offer in this area as well. The country has a little explored cave system and adventurers can find memorable touristic spots in the country. The Melouri Cave is a perfect example of such a spot and it is barely explored. The Martvilli municipality is another area that can be developed by investors who could transform the Oniore waterfall in the region into the main touristic attraction.

Opportunities for investments in tourism

Georgia already offers plenty of options to the investor who wants to open a travel agency or invest in tourism in general. The country has several balneoclimatic resorts that could use a transformation to become more attractive to foreigners. At the same time, these natural beautiful locations in the country mentioned above also have tremendous potential for development.
Tourists can visit Georgia all year round. If you know where to look, you will always find new places to visit and natural beauties. Investors in tourism in Georgia can provide numerous packages to their clients: from wine tasting trips, to off-road adventures or honeymoon ideas.
If you would like to invest in tourism or you have other business plans in mind you can contact our company registration experts in Georgia