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Special Plan for Encouraging Hazelnut Exports in Georgia

Written by: Bridgewest

Special-Plan-for-Encouraging-Hazelnut-Exports-in-Georgia.jpgGeorgia is an important exporter of hazelnuts and the government has an ambitious plan to transform the country into the world’s second largest hazelnut exporter in the next five years. Foreign investors who want to open an import/export business in Georgia can consider this business field as hazelnut exports have more than doubled in this country, compared to last year.

Developing the hazelnut industry in Georgia 

The Georgian government aims to transform the country into the world’s second largest hazelnut exporter within five years. For this purpose, the production and export industry for this type of nut have been prioritized by the government. A special plan will be implemented to boost production. 
Last year, the country made 183 million US dollars from hazelnut exports – the tasty nuts managed to surpass the world-famous Georgian wine that produced only 180 million USD. One of the best areas in Georgia to invest in hazelnut production is Anaklia, a western region that has the right climate for hazelnut farming. 
Our company registration experts in Georgia can help you open a company that activates in agriculture and specializes in growing hazelnuts. Apart from hazelnuts, the other two key export products in Georgia are wine and mineral water.

Encouraging Georgia’s full potential 

The country is already in the third place among the greatest hazelnut exporters in the world, behind Turkey and Italy. The authorities wish to encourage investments so that Georgia can overtake Italy in this particular business field. The current export figure for this products can easily be tripled by Georgia, if the planed state program is implemented.
The demand for hazelnuts is mainly expressed by the EU countries, however, the U.S and Asia are also strong export markets for the Georgian hazelnuts. The state program will allow for the development of the storage infrastructure, will provide new financial instruments for investors, but will also focus on research and development, particularly for new species of hazelnut. 
Foreign investors in Georgia who want to benefit from state support for agriculture and farming activities can contact our company registration experts in Georgia to find out more about how to apply for state aid.