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Opportunities for Investing in Georgian Resorts

Written by: Bridgewest

Opportunities-for-Investing-in-Georgian-Resorts.jpgGeorgia is a beautiful country that has great potential to attract tourists. The entrepreneurs in Georgia who invest in tourism and businesses operating in this business field know how to exploit the natural beauties of the country. Georgia has 103 official resorts that could have great business potential with the right investments. Our company registration experts in Georgia can tell you more about business opportunities in this field.

Mountainous Georgian resorts

Utsera is a mountain resort located at some 1,042 m above sea level. Its lush forests could attract more than 10,000 tourists every year if investments were made in the accommodation and conveniences for tourists in the area. This is also known for its mineral springs, one important export product of Georgia. 
Bakhmaro is another mountain resort considered even more beautiful than Utsera. This area also offers plenty of natural treatment options for individuals interested in medical tourism. Unlike other mountain resorts, there’s great potential for developing more accommodation options in the area. When properly developed, Bakhmaro could attract 40,000 tourists per season.

Medical tourism in Georgia 

Georgia’s resorts present unique qualities that make them an excellent investment option for those interested in providing more than just touristic packages. Many resorts are located in mountainous areas, with access to mineral and thermal springs. Natural treatments are recommended for a wide range of treatments, especially respiratory diseases. 
Sairme, Abastumani and Shovi are three other examples of resorts that have great potential for development. Shovi is a balneo-climatic resort situated at 1520 m above sea level, in an alpine climate. The region has the potential to attract not only medical tourists, but also those who enjoy nature walks. At this moment, Shovi has an underdeveloped infrastructure and investments in the area would make it more accessible (especially by car). At its full capacity, the resort could accommodate some 20,000 tourists every year.
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