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A New Product Exported by Georgia to European Countries

Written by: Bridgewest

A-New-Product-Exported-by-Georgia-to-European-Countries.jpgHoney is the latest valuable export product from Georgia. Along with wine, which made the country internationally famous, this sweet product is preparing to become a leading export produce. Georgian authorities are making plans to support beekeepers in the country, and with such great “buzz” around this field, foreign investments in the area might grow in the coming years.

Honey-making in Georgia

Georgia has a long honey-making history and now this produce is receiving international attention. European Union representatives have recently analyzed Georgia’s capacity to produce honey and concluded that honey one of the products that has the best potential for exports, alongside Georgian hazelnuts or blueberries and, of course, Georgian wine.
Government officials along with EU experts are planning to export Georgian honey to European countries, at the same time awarding this product with a special certificate for international recognition. 
The Georgian Minister of Agriculture has also addressed the beekeepers in the country stating that these entrepreneurs will start to receive more support. The country has a Beekeeping Agricultural Cooperative Support Program which includes 164 cooperatives, our of which 80 are located in the country’s mountainous regions. 

Georgian exports

Georgia is known for its agricultural products and import and export activities are an important part of the country’s economy. This year, Georgian beekeepers produced some 4,000 tons of honey and last year the value of the exported honey reached approximately 54,200 US dollars for about 5.4 tons of product. 
The demand for honey is growing in Europe and more than half of the honey consumed in the EU is imported from other countries. With such an increasing demand for honey, investors in Georgia can seize this opportunity and plan for investments in agriculture.
Until now, Georgian honey was mainly exported to countries like the United Arab Emirates, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq or Lebanon. 
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