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5 Reasons for Investing in Georgian Agriculture

Written by: Bridgewest

5 Reasons-for-Investing-in-Georgian-Agriculture.jpgGeorgia is a country that offers many opportunities for foreign investments and one of the best areas for investments is agriculture. There are several reasons for investing in Georgian agriculture and the Government encourages and supports those who choose to start a business in this field.

1. A rising market

Agriculture is a market that is currently growing and developing. Georgia offers access to a good local market as well as easy access to the EU countries and others with which Georgia has concluded various free trade agreements. The most exploited investment opportunities are: wine and spirits, food processing, meat and poultry and mineral water. 

2. Good natural resources

Georgia is a country that has always paid great attention to agriculture. Its geographical position and natural resources favor the production of grains, vegetables, fruits and most of all, wine – a product for which Georgia is recognized.  

3. Organic production

The quality of the soil and the various micro-climatic zones in the country allow investors to grow their products without having to use pesticides and pollute the soil. The fertile ground allows for a natural growth of the plants and vegetables and producers can advertise and sell their products under a bio/organic category. 

4. Government incentives

The Georgian government supports investments of all types in the country and investments in agriculture are no exception. There are various programs in place which aim to provide not only financial aid, but also access to education and infrastructure. The “Produce in Georgia” program and the Agriculture Projects Management Agency are just two examples of aid for investors.

5. Foreign trade opportunities

Foreign investors who choose to invest in Georgian agriculture can also engage in other related activities, such as trade. Imports and exports are an important part of the country’s economy and producers will often expand their client list to countries in the EU or even other trade partners. Investors in agriculture can sell their products not only on the local market, but also on other international markets.
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