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Tax incentives for businesses in Georgia

Written by: Bridgewest

Tax_incentives_for_businesses_in_Georgia.jpgOne of the most profitable businesses in Georgia is the one operating in the import and export field. Because the country has a great geographical position, the Government encourages incentives in this area, so that foreign investors will open companies in Georgia. However, the country has much more to offer and there are other investment incentives that make it worth investing in Georgia. Our company incorporation experts in Georgia can tell you all about the benefits offered for investors.

The free industrial zones in Georgia

As previously mentioned, Georgia has an important geographical advantage - its location near the Black Sea that makes is an alternative route to Central Asia. The free industrial zones were developed as part of a strategy to attract investors in Georgia and they are special areas located in key parts of the country, where an international enterprise can exist and benefit from special status regarding the taxation system. The key is for this type of company to provide goods or services within a clearly defined free industrial zone. Our Georgian company formation experts can help you understand how business activities are conducted and regulated within these special investment zones.
Another business that benefits from incentives in Georgia is the so called free warehouse enterprise - a warehouse that has a confirmed special status and sells foreign goods. These establishments are exempt from profit tax on the income received from re-exporting. 

Companies in Georgia

One type of Georgian company that benefits from investment incentives is the international financial company. This type of financial institution conducts business with partners outside of Georgia and is located outside a free industrial zone. Nevertheless, it benefits from exemptions from profit tax for the profit received from the provided services, the dividends paid and the gains derived by individuals who have sold securities issued by such a company.
Other business incentives are available in Georgia and if you need help investing there, you can contact our Georgian company formation experts.


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