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Opportunities in the Hotel Industry in Georgia


The accommodation sector in Georgia is gradually developing, offering a wide range of accommodation units for visitors. Investors who want to open a company in Georgia should know that, since the beginning of 201818 new hotels were opened, which accounts for 1,624 beds and 812 suites. In order to open a hotel in this country, the investors will have to obtain specific business licenses and permits and our team of specialists in company formation in Georgia can advise on this matter, as well as on other related aspects. 

Infrastructure Project for the Gudauri Touristic Region

Investors may find interesting business opportunities in the Georgian tourism industry. The local authorities are implementing new development projects created to increase the value of this field and, in this sense, we can mention the water supply project, designed to assist the needs of the Gudauri touristic region, known for its skiing services. Our specialists in company formation in Georgia can provide more details on the tourism industry and on the business permits that are necessary for carrying out this type of activity. 

Georgia Will Build the First High-Tech Center in Tbilisi


The Georgian internet technology market will soon develop to a new level, as the local authorities have recently announced a new investment project in this sense. The project consists of building the first high-tech center, which will be named Sillicon Valley Tbilisi. Businessmen who want to establish a company which is dependent on internet services can receive assistance on this matter from our team of specialists in company formation in Georgia, who can provide their expertise in all the stages of the registration process. 

China, an Important Trading Partner for Georgia


The Georgian business environment was revitalised by the local authorities, who have accessed international investment funds applicable to various economic fields. The country developed its business relationships with its neighbours, but also with farther jurisdictions, such as China. The state is, at the moment, one of the main trading partners of Georgia and foreign investors who are interested in trading goods or services on the local market can receive assistance from our team of Georgian company incorporation representatives. 

EIB Provides EUR 100 Million for Georgian SMEs and Infrastructure


Georgia provides attractive business opportunities due to an important trend created by the local government, which is establishing investment and trading agreements with numerous countries and international institutions. Businessmen interested in setting up a company in Georgia are further sustained in this process due to a new investment project, which was recently signed with the European Investment Bank (EIB) that will grant a total sum of EUR 100 million. Our team of Georgian company formation representatives can offer assistance to businessmen interested in accessing funds in this country. 

The Number of Foreign Tourists Increased by 12,9% in the First Semester


Tourism industry in Georgia is an attractive business field for foreign investors who are interested in opening a company. Recently, the Georgian authorities announced that the number of foreign tourists who have visited the country in the first semester of 2016 increased by 12,9%. Our team of Georgian company formation representatives can offer an in-depth presentation on the procedure to register a new company in this field, but also on the main business permits needed in this industry. 

EU Offers Financial Assistance to Develop the Georgian Agriculture


In 2015, as well as in 2016, the Georgian government developed several investment projects, set out to develop the local economy, by attracting the local and foreign businessmen who are willing to invest in this market. Another investment policy recently announced by the Georgian government refers to the development of the agriculture, which will be sustained by a substantial financial aid offered by the European Union (EU). Investors interested in the field of agriculture can request more details on this new project from our team of Georgian company formation representatives. 

Improvements on the Georgian Environmental Law


Foreign businessmen who are seeking for new locations where they can set up a company or an investment project can take into consideration Georgia, as the local authorities have started in the last few years several development projects, created to increase the value of a specific field, while imposing a favourable legal system attractive to foreign entrepreneurs. Another good aspect of the governmental policies carried in Georgia refers to the Environmental Law, which marked significant positive changes. Our team of Georgian company formation representatives can offer a presentation on new regulations. 

Investment Opportunities in the Georgian Energy Sector

Georgia represents an important business market for foreign investors, as the local authorities started several years ago important investment projects, carried out in many economic sectors. The energy sector provides significant business opportunities, as the energy consumption increased in the last decade, both in Georgia and in the neighboring states. It is estimated that, at the moment, the energy potential of the country is used only in a proportion of 25%. Investors interested in this sector can receive an in-depth presentation on the matter from our team of Georgian company formation specialists. 

Canadian and Korean Investment Opportunities in Georgia


At the moment, Georgia is running several important investment projects, as the country is interested to develop numerous economic sectors which are appealing to foreign investors. The representatives of the state recently met with the delegates of Canada and South Korea to discuss the investment opportunities that are available on the Georgian market. The Canadian and Korean parties appreciated the steps which have been made by the Georgian part in terms of investments; at the same time, they also stressed out the touristic potential of the country. Entrepreneurs who are interested in finding out more on the investment projects carried out in Georgia can receive an extensive presentation on this matter from our team of Georgian company formation specialists. 

Support for Firms That Take Part in Innovative Activities in Georgia


The Georgian government has started in the last years several large investment projects, set out in order to attract local and foreign investors who can have very good economic prospects on this market. One of the latest projects that will be enforced by the Georgian authorities aims at the innovation in businesses, sustained through a project developed alongside with the World Bank, which will invest $40 million. Businessmen who want to open a company in Georgia can receive assistance on this matter from our team of Georgian company formation specialists. 

Geostat: 2.9% Economic Growth for Georgia

The business environment in Georgia is rather attractive, as new investment projects are being implemented by the local authorities. An important aspect in this sense is the fact that the state reported financial growth in the last quarter of 2015; the economic growth was established at 2.9%. Foreign investors who want to open a company in Georgia are advised to receive the assistance of our Georgian company formation specialists, who can offer details on the main business sectors that could provide various financial opportunities. 

Gori, One of the Most Attractive Destinations for Wind Energy


Georgia is a state which began to invest in many economic sectors that have a financial potential; foreign investors interested in the business environment available in Georgia should know that there are opportunities to develop a successful company here. At the moment, Georgia began a new project which refers to the construction of the first wind power plant that will function in this state. Foreign businessmen who want to establish a company in Georgia can receive assistance from our Georgian company formation specialists, who can offer a wide range of company incorporation services. 

Georgian Tea Industry, Revived Through Government Policies

Georgian tea industry will be revived soon with the help of governmental policies which aim to develop  one of the most representative sectors for the local economy. Foreign investors who want to establish a company in Georgia in the trade or agriculture field should know that the local government enacted several incentives for entrepreneurs who want to invest in the tea industry; our Georgian company formation specialists can offer you more information on this subject. 

Georgia, Ranked Fourth for the Ease of Doing Business

Investors who want to expand their business activities in a foreign country should take into consideration that Georgia became one of the most attractive business location in the European and Central Asian region. World Bank Group (WBG) has recently presented the “Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency” report, in which Georgia ranked as the 4th economy in the European and Central Asian region in terms of ease of doing business. If you are interested in the business environment in Georgia, our Georgian company formation specialists can provide you with an in-depth presentation on this matter. 

The Silk Road, a Major Business Opportunity for Georgia


Foreign investors interested in setting up a company in Georgia should know that this location shows increasingly positive prospects for economic development. Georgia is one of the top countries in the region in terms of doing business and it also has one of the lowest taxation regimes at a globally level. Recently, the Georgian Prime Minister announced that one of the country’s major investment project will be the reconstruction of the famous “Silk Road”, which historically speaking, has had a great economic impact on the countries in the region, as it facilitated international trade of goods and products. If you need further information on the project, our Georgian company formation specialists can provide you with assistance on this matter. 

Georgia, among the top places in the world for a quiet retreat


Georgia is among the best places to relax away from the world’s noise and humdrum, according to a top published by The Telegraph, a renewed British publication. The country was recently included in a top for beautiful places for isolation, along with San Marino or the Arctic Circle. The higher number of tourists each year encourages foreign investments in the country and Georgia’s mountain resorts are truly worth exploring.

Winter Tourism, an Attractive Opportunity for Foreign Investors


Winter tourism in Georgia has an immense potential for development and for producing important revenues. This is partly due to the country’s beautiful landscape and partly due to the fact the winder holiday packages are more costly than those offered during the summertime. Georgia has a number of mountain resorts that can benefit from foreign investments in order to become more renewed. 

Georgia: The Next Energy Supplier for Europe?


Recent studies performed by an independent US oil and gas exploration company confirm that Georgia has an extensive gas resource potential, much more significant than previously thought by experts. The geologic and geophysical studies now back-up the country’s huge potential for foreign investment, especially in the natural gas sector. An oil and gas company in Georgia will need special permits for functioning but if you want to invest in this area, our company registration experts in Georgia can help you.

Opportunities for Investments in Agriculture in Georgia According to Areas


Georgia is known for its high potential for investments in agriculture. While the country has the right conditions for growing various types of produce, some areas in the country are more favorable for certain types of foodstuffs. By choosing the right area for investments, you can maximize your success and the overall production output.

Top Products Exported by Georgia


Georgia is an important trade partner for many neighboring countries. The country’s investments friendly policy has brought many foreign investors in the country interested in opening trade businesses. Hazelnuts, mineral water, ferroalloys are just some of the top products exported from the country. Our company registration experts in Georgia can help you invest in export and import businesses and start your own Georgian company.

Touristic Potential in Lesser Known Places in Georgia


Georgia is a beautiful country with huge touristic potential yet tourism in this country oscillates between the very know places and less popular but more spectacular sites. Foreign investors can take advantage of these touristic pearls and invest in Georgia’s tourism.

A New Product Exported by Georgia to European Countries


Honey is the latest valuable export product from Georgia. Along with wine, which made the country internationally famous, this sweet product is preparing to become a leading export produce. Georgian authorities are making plans to support beekeepers in the country, and with such great “buzz” around this field, foreign investments in the area might grow in the coming years.

Opportunities for Investing in Georgian Resorts


Georgia is a beautiful country that has great potential to attract tourists. The entrepreneurs in Georgia who invest in tourism and businesses operating in this business field know how to exploit the natural beauties of the country. Georgia has 103 official resorts that could have great business potential with the right investments. Our company registration experts in Georgia can tell you more about business opportunities in this field.

Special Plan for Encouraging Hazelnut Exports in Georgia


Georgia is an important exporter of hazelnuts and the government has an ambitious plan to transform the country into the world’s second largest hazelnut exporter in the next five years. Foreign investors who want to open an import/export business in Georgia can consider this business field as hazelnut exports have more than doubled in this country, compared to last year.